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RELAX BALI resort – sinking of the wreck at Bali


On 17th September 2012 was sunk a specially crafted and cleaned wreck in the direct shore of the RELAX BALI Resort. The ship lies about 80 meters from the shore, at a depth of 10-31 meters. A 43 m long ex-Indonesian coast guard ship was purchased and cleaned for a period of 4 months in the port of Benoa, south of Bali. Then It was being towed to southeast of Bali and sunk by naval specialists of the Republic of Indonesia and professional divers from RELAX BALI resort. As guests of RELAX BALI resort, Minister of fisheries and marine Mr Sharif Sutardjo, mayor of the Karangasem I Wayan Gredeg regency and delegations were witnessing the sinking.

Spacious and secure wreck becomes a refuge for so many underwater fauna and as well becomes a challenge for divers. Part of the wreck will be underwater gallery with stone statues.

RELAX BALI Resort is involved in the project Kubu Marine Park, aimed to the protection of underwater coral gardens 10 Km wealth belt lying in the register of the village of Kubu. On this marine park project also cooperates Sidhartha resort, the village of Kubu and the Republic of Indonesia. The common aim is to protect from overuse underwater life in the site and its maintenance of the next generations. An artificial underwater reef will benefit marine life. Part of the project is monitoring of the progressive settlement the wreck by fauna. This science project is leading professional by RNDr. Michael Vlášková RELAX BALI resort. More information will follow.


RELAX BALI resort, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, government of Karangasem regency BALI and the village of Kubu, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague and the Czech Republic, the Czech - Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and tourism, Tomegas